Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Last 3 Posts of this Challenge

I've spent the last three days unpacking my new apartment and being on a train so I greatly apologize for the lack of blog posts but I haven't had internets until right now so I'm just doing the best I can. 
Day 29...Inside Your Fridge
There was nothing in my fridge on this day. Seriously, it was entirely void of any food stuffs. I guess that's what happens when it's the first day in a new apartment since there just hasn't yet been time to get food things. It's always funny to look at an empty fridge just because there should be so many things inside of it. I have a feeling that there will be so many things inside of it once I'm home in a month (many thanks to my flatmate cause she'll be the one stocking it this time mostly). Full fridges are happier to open so I'm very excited for things to start living in there.
Day 30...Nature
Feels like I haven't got to experience it for a while now--I've been doing a really irresponsible thing and spending all the time I can sitting about on Netflix. I did go swimming in a cove near school a few weeks ago and that was absolutely lovely (if a bit cold). One thing I'm really excited for about my new place is that it's one the ground floor and there is a nice grass patch right outside my back door. It's nice for me and the for the deer that like to snack there. It was very exciting cause the first night in our apartment was marked by there being a deer in our backyard. The previous tenants told us that they managed to feed the deer one time so I imagine the deer are comfortable hanging out there, which will be fun to see if they come as regularly as I hope they will.
Day 31...You, Again
Today, I am twenty years old. Happy birthday to me! It feels kind of crazy, honestly, to say that I am two decades old. Maybe possibly because of the fact that the past two days have been crazy and I am running on about nine hours of sleep probably. As suggested above, the last two days have been move-in days for my new apartment. It went really well but it was such a long process. Napping on the train today was a life saver. Now I just get to chill in Portland for a few hours :) Powell's is a block away from the coffee shop whose internet I'm stealing and I'm going to head over there in a bit. Probably won't buy anything but Powell's :) For any not the Pacific Northwest, Powell's is a ridiculously huge bookstore. Like, if you go with someone and split up, you might need to call them to find them again. It's this nerd's dream. Time to go explore the shelves :)