Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Busy, Busy

Today's one of those days when I've felt like I'm going and going from the moment I woke up--sadly, waking up was accompanied by a headache so my morning didn't begin all that well.
Anyway, I wish I had something profound to share with all of you people who are kind enough to take an interest in my blog. I have a doubt that you guys actually want play-by-plays of my days at college. But let me tell you about how it's annoying when people don't act their age. Oh my goodness, I can't stand it. If you agree to something, be grown up enough to stick to your word--even if it's hard to do. If you know you're not going to be able to stay true to your word, don't make the promise--even if you want to. Just a philosophy of mine. Granted, I'm willing to consider exceptions sometimes...just not in this particular case. In this case, it's plain frustrating.
Besides that, I'm really looking forward to this weekend. There's a swing dancing event on Friday (if I'm remembering the date correctly) and, drum roll please, THE YULE BALL on Saturday. I can't begin to explain how happy I am that I brought back some fancy dresses from my closet at home. It's always nice when you can get more than one wear out of a prom dress :)
Yes, that it practically everything that is interesting in my life right now. Lots of homework and work, though, as well. Like I said, I'm really busy today. Speaking of which, I should get back to that...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

If I Could Get Paid...

My dream job is to be a professional people watcher.
I want to sit in cafes and parks; I want to go to concerts and amusement parks; I want to walk through towns and airports and just observe the people.
That makes it sound like I want to be an Anthropology or Psychology major, and know all of the inner workings/complexities of human nature; in other words, the science of people. But my brain doesn't work science, it doesn't like science. Therefore, I don't really care about the science. I just want to watch people and wonder what about their life made them do what they're doing.
Seriously, have you ever just watched people? They're extremely interesting. And some of them do the craziest things.
I just like people and I feel like a lot of our world today revolves around technology or having the latest shoes (Aw, he got the Velcros). What about people? I know it's a thing about the Pacific Northwest to be standoff and not enter into conversations with random people but I feel like the world--at least the world I'm a part of--is sort of losing its grasp of "humanity." I put that in quotes because you may choose to define it as you will...but I think part of being human--part of having humanity--is being interested in the lives of other, you know, humans.
That's a little off topic because the real point is that I have no idea what I want to do and people keep suggesting to do what interests me because then I'll enjoy my work and la-di-da-all-the-advice-your-family-ever-gave-you-about-college-majors. The only problem is that what I enjoy isn't an actual career.
Guess I have some more brainstorming to do about this.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sitting at Blues Isn't a Good Idea

Make it stop,
Make it stop,
The voices in my head...
The doubts in my heart...

Let it stop,
Let it stop,
The worry in my brain,
The pain in my soul,

I'm this close
So close
Let me have control,
Why don't I have control?

Control is good,
Control is mine,
Except it's not mine,
My brain's control isn't mine

My brain has a mind of it's own,
My brain wants control,
My brain sends me into this frenzy,
My brain is my own worst enemy,

I know it's not true,
I know that,
I know it,
I do.

Make it stop,
Make it stop,
Just, please
Let me have control

Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Performance

Yesterday was amazing. I went shopping with one of my new dance friends then the Swing Performance team had their first performance last night. We were the half time show for a roller derby bout. My first question is why would roller derby girls want a jazz routine for their half time show? That's not the same level of intensity at all.
But it was really fun. Watching the roller derby as well as performing. Except for the fact that it makes me want to watch "Whip It" really bad and I don't know where to get it from. Maybe will have it online. Oh, they do. But I don't feel like paying $10 for the digital version. Well, I am going out shopping again today so maybe I can stop in some video stores...
That's something else I want to do right now...I want to move away from wearing jeans and t-shirts all the time. They're great but I want more dresses, which means it's time for more shopping. It's also time for shopping with people who will steer me towards dresses. Anyway, I'll let you know what I come up with.
Have a good day :)

Bucket List

I'm planning on this post being an ongoing process throughout the next undetermined amount of time but I keep saying things like "I want to do that sometime in my life" so I've decided that it's time to actually start documenting my bucket list.

Robyn's "To Do" List for Life

  1. Graduate college
  2. Explore the city around my college
  3. Go to Ireland
  4. Sky dive
  5. Ride in a limo
  6. Become published (fingers crossed)
  7. Relearn violin (again)
  8. Improve my dancing skills
  9. Wear the perfect white dress on my wedding day
  10. Change someone's life
  11. Go horse riding again
  12. (to be continued as I figure out more things that I want to do)

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Today, for the first time in I don't know how long, I actually got to walk in the snow. Oh my goodness, it was wonderful. There's something simply beautiful about snow as it falls from the sky to the earth...or onto my nose...whichever.
And now it's sunny as you please. Welcome to the weather in Washington...
My afternoon of homework has also been a reinforcement of how much I don't like textbook reading. Sure, some of it is interesting (maybe even a lot of it) but there's something about the fact that I'll be graded based on what I think about the material. Fingers crossed for completion grades...
Look at that...No, sadly, this isn't my campus. It's the V-Tech camps (my friend goes there). I was telling him about how the sky bridges on my campus are among my favorite places to go and just be. He said that the sky bridge on his campus is pretty popular and that it overlooks the sunset. Hence, picture. Isn't it pretty?
I haven't actually watched a sunset since this summer. That was really nice.
Let me tell you a secret. I have homework. And this blog post was an excuse to procrastinate some more. I think it's time for a snack (for energy, not procrastination, I promise!) and my reading. Then, if I can get that done in time, I can do some pleasure reading before I go dancing. :D

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back At School

Welcome to Winter Quarter, everybody. It's nice to be back to the norms of college. I mean, I have to get used to my new work and class schedule but the familiar faces are wonderful to see. On the other hand, I do miss my friends and family in Germany and Virginia. It was really fun to visit them, if a little crazy. Sadly, that might be my last time in Europe for a very long time. The base my parents are at is closing this summer and they don't know where they'll be transferred to so I don't know where I'll see them again.
What else, what else? Some New Years' Resolutions are in order, I suppose. (I mean, I've already made them but sharing them with you guys will help me keep on track with them, I hope.) So...
  1. Read more books
  2. Write more of my story(s)
  3. Write lots of letters
  4. Start buying CDs (as in, go to music stores and search through the stacks for good CDs)
  5. Improve my dancing skills
Yeah, those are the things that I want to do with this year...aside from to do well in school and continue with my friendships.
Oh, whoops. I probably should be doing my homework. There's dancing tonight and I don't want to have to leave early or anything. Getting back into the swing of things is going to be a little difficult, I will admit that. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Sometimes life gets really hard to handle, ya know? Sometimes you can see two roads...the one you know you're on and the one you think you'd rather be on. I know, it's the big "the grass is greener on the other side" cliche.
The point is that life sometimes gets difficult; it forces you to makes tough decisions. You can not make those decisions, though I do think that inaction itself is a choice. Or you can make the hard decisions that life throws at you and hope that it turns out for the best. It's all about taking the bull by the horns and getting want you what.
And I don't mean that in any commercial or material way. I don't know if I've told you guys this already but being happy is one of my main goals in life. And, quite honestly, that seems like the most important thing. I want to be as happy as my life allows me.
And, considering that I'm in charge of my life, that means that I can be as happy as I want. I do believe and understand that difficult times in life make the happy ones all the more precious but I really want to be spoiled with happiness. There will be some hard times, I know. But I am in charge of my life, which means that the only way to happiness is to make those tough decisions.